Adult Self Defence Classes in Greensborough

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"Survival favours the prepared mind." – Robert Crowley

"What would you do if you had to face this?"

Fact: Many SELF DEFENCE instructors FAIL TO TEACH
techniques which are STREET EFFECTIVE!

Please understand that this is NOT meant as a criticism of OTHER MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOLS. People learn martial arts for a variety of reasons. If your goal is to compete in tournaments, learn medieval culture, or simply desire to get fit, then this is not a problem.


If you hope to learn to protect yourself from REAL WORLD VIOLENCE you NEED to know that what you are learning is EFFECTIVE.

Introducing Kali Concepts!

Inspired by various influences of Filipino and South East Asian Martial Arts, Kali Concepts is a conceptual approach to weapon based and empty hand combat. Developed as a system exclusively for adults, to train REAL STREET DEFENCE in a realistic training environment. This is not for a cage or boxing ring, this is not for competition, this is for real.

  • Kali Concepts teaches defence against knives, firearms, baseball bats, chains, bottles and improvised weaponry.

  • Kali Concepts is a purely practical martial art for rapid development of effective street defence skills.

  • Kali Concepts is a personal protection system more than a martial art style.

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Diamond Valley Martial Arts Academy
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